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97.72 +-ACRES CHARLES MIX COUNTY LAND - Outstanding crop ground in Jackson Township

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Paradise Destroyed

Gregg Hubner

Gregg Hubner, farmer and real estate professional has spent nearly seven years studying wind energy. Early this spring, with the help of his son Jamin, they started writing a book called Paradise Destroyed: The Destruction of Rural Living by the Wind Energy Scam.

The book came out July 18 and has since become the #1 new release on Amazon in the category "Oil and Energy". Paradise Destroyed Gregg's purpose in writing the book was to help educate people that live in the Midwest about the real reasons wind energy projects are built, who profits most off of them, and what landowners should know if they are contemplating signing a wind easement. In Paradise Destroyed, Gregg Hubner fully exposes wind energy development for what it really is: a taxpayer scam. And not only is it a scam, but wind farms are a destructive force of 21st-century crony-capitalism that renders local communities divided and land permanently devalued. Hubner recounts his personal experience of wind energy colonization and shares his knowledge of just how much damage wind farms can cause property and property-owners. Whether you are a Midwestern farmer considering a wind lease, or an environmental activist trying to save the planet, Paradise Destroyed is an absolute must-read. The book is available on Amazon, locally at the Avon Clarion ($10 including tax) and there are 2 copies at the Avon Library.

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